ICC Invited Speakers

James V. Anderson 
U.S. Department of Agriculture, Fargo, North Dakota, USA 
Abiotic Stress Tolerance: An Important Trait for Developing Camelina as a Sustainable Bioenergy Crop 

Steve Csonka 
Commercial Aviation Fuel Initiative, USA 
Tangible Aviation Market Opportunity for Sustainable Feedstocks 

Blanca de Ulibarri 
Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials Association, Switzerland 

Russ Gesch 
USDA, Morris, Minnesota, USA 
Fitting camelina into agricultural systems for sustainable production 

Claudia Jonak 
Austrian Institute of Technology 

Edmund Mupondwa 
University of Saskatchewan, Canada 
Integration of Camelina (Camelina sativa L. Crantz) into a biorefinery concept to advance circular economy: Technoeconomic analysis and life cycle assessment 

Johnathan Napier 
Rothamsted Research, UK 
Making high value omega-3 fish oils in Camelina – from prototype to product 

Isobel Parkin 
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada 
Following the evolutionary path of Camelina sativa, from diploid to hexaploid: insights for the crop from the genome up 

Kate Shoveller 
University of Guelph, Canada 
On the pursuit of alternative oil ingredients: Comparing the dietary supplementation of camelina, flaxseed and canola oil to dogs and horses