ICC 2024 Schedule

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Friday, July 19

09:30-12:00Registration and poster setup
 Session 1: Policy and Life Cycle Assessment 
Chair: Heike Sederoff
13:00-13:30Plenary Speaker 1, Steve Csonka: “Tangible Aviation Market Opportunity for Sustainable Feedstocks” 
13:30-14:00Plenary Speaker 2, Edmund Mupondwa: “Integration of Camelina (Camelina sativa L. Crantz) into a biorefinery concept to advance circular economy: Technoeconomic analysis and life cycle assessment”
14:00-14:20Marisol Berti: "Factors affecting carbon intensity in Camelina production"
14:20-14:40Amanda Parsons DeRosier: "The Intermediate Oilseed Crop Alliance: working to expand incentives and recognition of intermediate crops"
 Session 2: Camelina Genetics and Genomics
Chair: Bjorn Usadel
14:40-15:10Plenary Speaker 3, Isobel Parkin: “Following the evolutionary path of Camelina sativa, from diploid to hexaploid: insights for the crop from the genome up”
15:10-15:40Coffee break
15:40-16:00Samuel Decker: "Identification of QTLs and Candidate Genes for Camelina Nitrogen Use Efficiency and Oilseed Traits Using a High-quality Genome"
16:00-16:20Christina Eynck: "Unraveling flowering behaviour in Camelina sativa"
16:20-16:40Heike Sederoff: "Circular RNAs in Camelina sativa - a new regulator of gene expression"
16:40-17:10Poster flash talks
Chair: Richard Haslam
Megan Letourneau, "Food for the future: Transforming Camelina sativa into a climate stress-tolerant crop"
Philip Bates, "Utilization of triacylglycerol remodeling to engineer increased hydroxy- and polyunsaturated containing fatty acids in Camelina sativa seed oils"
Aritz Royo-Esnal, "Optimizing the yield of camelina in a semiarid climate: effect of flood irrigation"
Richard Haslam, "CRISPR/Cas9-mediated gene editing to enhance seed oil in cover crops"
Jordan Brock, "The evolutionary history of Camelina and new insights for breeding"
Monica Venegas-Caleron, "Biotechnological redesign of the Camelina sativa lipid biosynthetic pathway for the development of new industrial oils"
Somnath Koley, "Metabolic coordination between reproductive components for seed filling in the oilseed Camelina sativa"
Louise Michaelson, "Interrogating Camelina sativa seed developmental transcriptomic data sets to decipher the impact of Omege-3 fatty acid metabolic engineering"
Doug Allen, "Does fatty acid turnover occur concurrently with plant lipid synthesis?"
Ana Paula Canu, "TBC"


Saturday, July 20

 Session 3: End-Use Opportunities and Novel Approaches
Chair: Marisol Berti
09:00-09:30Plenary Speaker 4, Johnathan Napier: "Making high value omega-3 fish oils in Camelina – from prototype to product"
09:30-10:00Plenary Speaker 5, Kate Shoveller: On the pursuit of alternative oil ingredients: "Comparing the dietary supplementation of camelina, flaxseed and canola oil to dogs and horses"
10:00-10:20Edgar Cahoon: "Co-Optimization of Camelina Oil Quality and Conversion Technologies for Sustainable Aviation Fuel"
10:20-10:40Peter Eastmond: "Production of the structured triacylglycerol 1,3-olein-2-palmitin in Camelina sativa seeds"
10:40-11:00Peter Dörmann: "Ablation of glucosinolate accumulation in Camelina sativa by targeted mutagenesis of genes encoding the glucosinolate transporters GTR1 and GTR2 and regulators of glucosinolate biosynthesis MYB28 and MYB29"
11:00-11:20Coffee break
 Session 4: From the Bench to the Field
Chair: Federica Zanetti
11:20-11:50Plenary Speaker 6, Russ Gesch: “Fitting camelina into agricultural systems for sustainable production”
11:50-12:10Gloria Okooboh: "Engineering Camelina sativa for improved productivity and abiotic stress tolerance"
12:10-12:30Sara Berzuini: "Evaluation of a camelina-soybean double cropping system in a Mediterranean climate as an innovative strategy for sustainable intensification"
12:30-12:50Chengci Chen: "Variation of Camelina Genotypes in Canopy Area, Biomass, Seed Yield, and Oil Content under Low and High Nitrogen Environments"
 Session 5: Metabolism and Plasticity (Resilience and Metabolism)
Chair: Christina Eynck
13:40-14:10Plenary Speaker 7, Jim Anderson: "Abiotic stress tolerance: An important trait for developing Camelina as a sustainable bioenergy crop"
14:10-14:40Plenary Speaker 8, Claudia Jonak: "Deciphering Camelina's resilience mechanisms"
14:40-15:00Coffee break
15:00-15:20Xiao-Hong Yu: "Creating yellow-seed Camelina sativa with enhanced oil accumulation by CRISPR-mediated disruption of Transparent Testa 8"
15:20-15:40Ivo Feussner: "Reducing the sinapine levels of Camelina sativa seeds through targeted genome editing of REF1"
15:40-16:00Roundtable: Centralizing Community Resources and What is Funded
Chair & Panel Erich Grotewold
Federica Zanetti: "Past and ongoing Camelina projects: The EU perspective"

Poster flash talks
Chair: Richard Haslam

Wilson Craine, "Genome Wide Assication Study (GWAS) of Camelina to Identify Significant Marker-Trait Associations for Important Agronomic and Seed Quality Traits"
Andra-Octavia Roman, "Spatio-temporal chemical modulation of root-associated-microbial communities in Camelina sativa"
Noem Codina Pascual, "Camelina seed weight as affected by temperature"
Joaquin J. Salas, "Establishing a Collection of Camelina sativa Lines for the Production of New Oils for Oleochemical, Pharmacological, and Food Applications"
Cory Nykiforuk, "Core Factors: where lipid droplet biogenesis intersects biotechnology"
Matthew Garneau, "Exploring lipid metabolism through isotropic tracing of cultured embryos: Implications for the engineering of Camelina and Related Crop Plants"
Maneesh Lingwan, "Systems-Level Analysis of Extreme Differences in Fatty Acid Chain-Length Production: Natural Variants and Re-Designed Brassicaceae Oilseeds"
Demian Dlakic, "Nutrient Availability and Nitrogen Remobilization Efficiency Influence Seed Yield in Camelina"
Jinita Sthapit Kandel, "Characterization of seed traits in camelina recombinant inbred lines and mapping of quantitative trait loci"
Senorpe Hiable, "Assessing Camelina's Potential: Reviewing Farming Practices in the U.S. and Measuring Meal Quality"

16:20-16:40Closing statements and discussion about next meeting
16:40Poster session/Social